Small dog running and jumping

Dog Training and its Benefits

Our dogs are amazing. They truly can enhance the way we live our lives. They are cheerful, happy and playful. When we are sad, they are sad with us and help cheer us up. However, not everyone can see how amazing our dog is – especially when our dog is barking at them, chasing their cat, or even urinating on something that they shouldn’t be urinating on. There are ways that we can scold our dog, but scolding them never really stops the bad behavior. The only true way that we can stop this is to train them.

Dogs need structure, just in the similar way that small children do. Dogs also enjoy structure. They like the idea of knowing when to do something and when to stop doing something. This is because of their internal desire for pleasing their owners. Dogs can be very gentle. They are very aware of when we are mad, sad or happy with them. When they do something right, we are happy and pet them. We coo at them softly and the dog wags its tail happily. Why not give them the training that they need, which will help improve their life as well as your own?

The more I work with my dog the happier I am. Just the other day when I was walking my I ran into my good friend Cash (shameless plug for him Provo Orem Window Washing) and my dog stayed at my side the whole time. Normally I am so ashamed of my dog pulling me this way and that and barking and what have you.

No More Embarrassment We have all been there before. Your friend invites you to their home. They ask about your dog and even offer that you should bring them along so that you can have a doggie date. You agree and happily bring Fido with you. However, once you get there, your dog sees the other dog and takes off. He sniffs and sniffs and then barks. You pull him back and smile just trying to shove it off. Then, your dog runs around the house and yard, peeing on almost anything and everything.

Your dog doesn’t have to use the bathroom, but they are trying to mark their territory, which is not their territory at all. Now your friend is not only unhappy, but the other dog is also. And this is mostly due to the fact that you have no control over your dog. This is because your dog is untrained. You shout and tell him to stop, but he just continues on. And then, when you are unhappy with him, he doesn’t understand why. Dog training is very important because it teaches dogs to do what they should be doing and to not do what should not be done. It also helps them know what you are happy with, which will help make you both happy together.

If your dog is trained, then they will not:

  • Bark aggressively at other dogs
  • Urinate where they are not supposed to
  • Run from you and continue running when you say to stop

Where To Go

There are many places you can go to get your dog the training that they need.

First off, you can try big box stores. There are some big box pet stores that easily have pet training available. They usually have sessions that last roughly 30 minutes – 1 hour and are a few times throughout the week. Training at places like these typically goes through a 4 – 6 week training cycle. The only downside to this is that after the 6 week cycle, if your dog is still not properly trained, you may need to do it again.

Secondly, there are similar training areas for dogs at veterinarian offices. Most vets also want your pet to be trained properly, so offering training services isn’t unusual.

The third thing you can do to train your dog is to get the help from dog training professional. There are dog training professionals who will come to your home and help train your dog in their own environment. They will also come more often than you may have gone to a store for training. These dog training professionals are aware of many issues dogs can have. With their experience, they will know what to do and what not to do with your dog.

No matter how you seek help for you and your dog, just keep in mind that consistency is key. When you begin training your dog to do something, you need to stick with it. It may take a long time to train a dog; however, it is not long to break them of the training. Once you allow them to do something wrong again, they may go back to their bad habits. It is almost as if you need to be trained similar to your furry friend. Keep up with the proper training and you will be happy!